Exceptional New Introductions and Rare Finds

We are constantly seeking out and the newest additions to the maple world worthy of introduction as well as offering the classic and historical trees that are difficult to find. There are some very exciting new additions this year!

Sister Ghost

Sister Ghost Deeply divided leaves, white leaf with a pale green vein, wide form. Protect from PM sun.

Amber Ghost

Amber Ghost
Pink to melon orange in spring, amber in summer, red-orange fall. Wide, upright form. Protect from afternoon sun.

First Ghost

First Ghost Pink and white spring, white with green vein summer,yellow orange fall. Small and wide, needs afternoon shade.

Purple Ghost

Purple Ghost Dark pink spring, bright purple summer, reticulated variegation, ruffled edge

A.s. Johin

A.s. Johin Red with green vein in spring, deep red summer, orange red fall, deeply divided leaves with nine lobe that curl under. Cold tolerant.

A.s. Sensu

A.s. Sensu Salmon pink in spring to green with orange in summer, orange fall color. deeply divided leaves

A.s. Moonrise

A.s. Moonrise Bright red spring, chartreuse summer, orange red in fall. vigorous and more sun tolerant than other full moon maples.

A.s. Jordan

A.s. Jordan Pastel orange spring and bright yellow summer, red orange fall, upright vigorous growth, cold tolerant

Fairy Hair

Fairy Hair Extremely fine threadlike leaves, pale green with a red tip in spring changing to green in summer and gold and orange in the fall.


Bihou Yellow orange bark, green summer, yellow fall. Vigorous upright, heat tolerant.


Ryusen Dramatically weeping palmate.

New and Rare Collections

 New and Rare Collections Highly desirable and unusual cultivars for the seasoned collector or an opportunity to have the best first. Size 1 Geisha, Fairy Hair, Beni Ubi Gohon. All three for $175

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