Japanese Maple Rooted Cuttings for Bonsai

Rooted cuttings and Seedlings are highly sought for bonsai and container gardening where the presence of a graft line may be undesirable. Propagation by rooted cutting with Japanese Maples is much more difficult and time consuming. We will not release these trees until the root system is well developed. All rooted cuttings have had reduction pruning cuts made in preparation for use for Bonsai or Container.

*Beni shichihenge Rooted Cutting

*Jiro shidare Rooted Cutting

*Bonfire Rooted Cutting

*Murasaki kiyohime Rooted Cutting

*Sagara nishiki Rooted Cutting

*Wilson’s Pink Rooted Cutting

*Arakawa Rooted Cutting

*Mikawa Yatsubusa Seedling

Japanese Maple Bonsai

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