Rich Red Maples for Summer Color

Shades of red throughout the seasons, from bright cherry red in spring to deep chocolate red summer and scarlet in the fall, these trees bring dramatic impact to the garden year round.

Adrian’s Compact

Adrian's Compact Small red compact shrub

Beni Hoshi

Beni Hoshi Small star shaped leaves emerge ruby red in spring small upright form


Fireglow Best of the smaller red maples, truly glows in the sun

Oshio Beni

Oshio Beni Orange-red summer, heat tolerant, wide canopy

O Kagami

O Kagami Deep red big palmate leaf, wide form

Iijima Sunago

Iijima Sunago Rosy in spring, milk chocolate with spotted variegation and green vein in summer, orange red in fall


Moonfire Very dark red, black bark, curving branches


Tsukushigata Chocolate brown leaf w/ green vein,green bark,


Suminagashi Dark red deeply divided leaves, upright ,green bark


Yasemin Acer shirasuwanum cross, deep red leaf, undulating form

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