Variegated Maples

Providing the most intriguing details and color these are perfect trees for container gardens. They will catch your breath when your first see them. With color that is constantly changing, a delight to have in your outdoor living space.

Abigail Rose

Abigail Rose Dwarf variegated pink, excellent for bonsai


Butterfly Pink in spring, mostly white in summer , small upright

Beni Shishihenge

Beni Shishihenge Intense pink variegation in spring


Geisha Heavily variegated bright spring, cream in summer.

Hoshi Kuzu

Hoshi Kuzu Variegated green on green heat tolerant

Higasa Yama

Higasa Yama Small leaf with variegation along edge, pink spring

Kasagi Yama

Kasagi Yama Hot pink spring, low and wide form, variegated

Olsons Frosted Strawberry

Olsons Frosted Strawberry Strawberry red spring with ruffled edges.

Oridono Nishiki

Oridono Nishiki Dramatic variegation,each leaf different,pink spring

Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream Soft peach and cream variegation in spring, low and wide form

Sagara Nishiki

Sagara Nishiki Golden yellow variegation on edge of leaf.

Shigitatsu Sawa

Shigitatsu Sawa Pale green with defined veins, gold in fall.

Tiger Rose

Tiger Rose Variegated rose pink in spring, white with green vein in summer.


Ukigumo Small, upright,pastel pink spring,very white summer

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