Weeping and Cascading Laceleaf Maples

The dissectum leaf is wonderful for soft textural interest and the curving form creates a beautiful structure. Every garden needs at least one.

Beni Kumo no sa

Beni Kumo no sa Extemely fine dissectum leaf,very slow growth,

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace Finely cut, billowy form, orange red spring

Red Filigree Lace

Red Filigree Lace Extremely fine cut red laceleaf.

Inabe Shidare

Inabe Shidare Old red dissectum,heat tolerant,vigorous

Emerald lace

Emerald Lace Emerald green spring, red fall, small dissectum leaves, horizontal growth.

Lemon Lime Lace

Lemon Lime lace Very fine bright green foliage.

Midori No Teiboku

Midori No Teiboku Very low,curving branches,green


Ornatum Subtle mauve spring,finely dissected leaves


Orangeola Vigorous dissectum, orange spring

Red Dragon

Red Dragon Best red dissectum small and slow

Spring Delight

Spring Delight Red tipped dissectum leaves in spring, green summer, red fall, vigorous


Tamukeyama Name means ‘Tribute to the Mountain’, old red dissectum, vigorous grower

Toyama Nishiki

Toyama Nishiki Variegated laceleaf, pink in spring, striped bark

Green Mist

Green Mist Pale green,soft flowing growth


Waterfall Pale green cascading branches, soft lax leaves

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