Flowering Fruiting Trees

These are a group of trees specifically selected for container gardening. We are using reduction pruning methods to create the appearance of a mature tree in a small size. They are a lovely contrast to the maples and will offer an alternative when cultural circumstances require something other than a maple.

Although our Malus or Crabapples are 5 to 10 years old, reduction pruning has maintained the trees at less than two feet. Some would classify these as bonsai. We are progressing to a container tree of up to five feet. The bloom in spring is spectacular, the profusion of fruit in the summer delightful and easy to grow. The vigor of these trees requires regular pruning to maintain small size.

The Prunus or Flowering Cherries are a classic planting with the maples in Japan. We are offering several species of prunus, each with distinct characteristics. These are young trees grown slowly to develop secondary branching. Each tree has been pruned at least once and has potential to develop into a bonsai or container tree over time.

Punica Granatum ‘Nana Emperor’ is a delightful dwarf pomegranate with double red flowers and thumb sized fruit suitable for hot dry climates. Our Pomegranates are 5-7 years old with beautiful trunk lines and profuse branching.

Poncirus Trifoliata contorta ‘Flying Dragon’ is a whimsy. It is an Orange tree with contorted twisting branches, inch long curling thorns, fragrant blossoms and small yellow fruit. These trees are 3 to 5 years old, 1.5-2 tall, have compact root systems and complex branching.