Sal's Garden In New Jersey

Sal has been an avid gardener for over 40 years. Though his first interest was the dwarf conifers, he began seriously collecting maples in 1979. I love the layers of color and texture Sal has created with the trees. The property is a little more than an acre but has the feel of a much larger garden because of the flowing bed lines and conscientious proportion of the plants to one another.

Flo's Garden in Southern California

Entering Flo's Garden is like entering a refuge, calm, cool and peaceful. We all thought you couldn't grow Japanese Maples in Southern California, Flo taught us differently. There is a beautiful story behind this garden. For more information visit their website at: Since Flo passed away in 2008 Sherry has taken over the care of the garden. Thank you Sherry. 

Gomero's Garden in France

This is an extraordinary garden in France with a beautiful collection of Japanese Maples. Gomero has cultivars I've never seen before though I'm working on finding them in the United States..... Thank you for sharing your garden with us.

San Francisco Garden Show 2009

Some photos from the 2009 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.The Container Garden display was a great success.

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2008

Photos of the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show March 2008 featuring our booth, our Container Garden Display, a talk and root-pruning demo by Tricia Smyth and a maple pruning demo by Yuki Nara. Photos by Will Emerson.

Root Pruning

A photo essay on root pruning of Japanese maples.

Maple Gallery

Here we show some but not all of our maples. Click on the tree name to go to that tree's page with more information.