Acer palmatum 'Umegae' Japanese Maple

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There are a group of maples I call the chocolate trees because of the rich purple-brown tones the have in the summer. This is dark chocolate, with all the creamy depth of color you expect. Emerging bright red in spring, changing to chocolate with bright green veins, seeds and bark contrasting against the leaves. Outstanding crimson fall color. The sharply pointed,7 lobed leaves add texture to the picture. More cold tolerant than many maples, needs protection from hot sun, not tolerant of hard water or alkaline soil. Upright with a wide canopy, slow growing.


Leaf Shape Amoenum
Growth Habit Upright
Landscape Height 8 ft.
Container Height 4 ft.
Minimum Zone 6
Maximum Zone 9
Spring Color Red
Summer Color Red, Green
Fall Color Red

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