Flowering Pomegranate Punica granatum Nana Emperor

Flowering Pomegranate 'Nana Emperor' is a delight to be around all year long. It's bare structure displays a perfect ghostly outline of a mature tree in miniature form. The early spring brings tiny leaves that cover the branches in forest green. Later in the spring at the tips of the branches bright red-orange buds appear followed by outrageous single to double orange blossoms that can cover the tree. As the flowers fade and the leaves grow on, miniature pomegranates develop. In the fall the fruit ripens to a jeweled ruby red approximately one and one half inches across. As winter looms on and the leaves fall, the fruit still persists decorating the bare wood with ornaments that last into the spring. Each Flowering pomegranate 'Nana Emperor' has been carefully raised to be a focal point for your container garden.

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