Bonsai Kit

Bonsai is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the United States and maples are the most desirable trees for bonsai. We have put together a kit suitable for an experienced bonsai artist or someone with an interest in exploring the art. Our choice Mikawa Yatsubusa seedling with the book ’Bonsai with Japanese Maples’ by Peter Adams, a mica pot and soil, Garden Cut Shears and Phytech 50 cutpaste provide all that is needed to begin a beautiful Japanese Maple Bonsai. Do you have a special tree in mind? Call us and we will be happy to put together your custom bonsai.

About Our Sizes

This product is eligible for multiple tree discounts. By 3 or 4 of any Size 1 to Size 4 trees and get 10% off. Buy 5 or 6 and get 15% off. Buy 7 or more and get 20% off.


Leaf Shape
Growth Habit
Landscape Height ft.
Container Height ft.
Minimum Zone
Maximum Zone
Spring Color
Summer Color
Fall Color
Qty Discount
Buy 1 0% Off
Buy 3 10% Off
Buy 4 10% Off
Buy 5 15% Off
Buy 6 15% Off
Buy 7 20% Off

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