Tool Kit

About Our Sizes

A master of aesthetic pruning once told me,”We prune for our needs, the tree knows exactly how to grow”. It is a cooperative relationship working with the trees to meet our needs in the garden. We have put together our favorite tools to maintain the beauty of your trees in the garden for years to come.The Pocketboy 130mm, extra fine teeth is a compact lightweight folding saw with an extraordinary cutting capacity made by SilkySaws, manufacturers of the highest quality available.A delight to use, the blade features rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, blade with an impulse-hardened non-set tooth design, 22 teeth per inch, for a smooth clean cut. A rubber handle provides a sure, comfortable grip and the plastic flip-lock carrying case with belt clip adds convenience in the garden.Gardencut shears have been a mainstay in the nursery from the beginning.I always have them in my pocket or toolbelt and use them for all cuts under 1/4 inch as well as root pruning and anything else that needs cut frombags of fertilizer to small bamboo stakes. They seem to be indestrustable! Maples are slow to heal. Like a bandaid on a cut finger, if you always follow a cut with this cut paste you will speed healing and decrease the chance of infection.

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