Modular Redwood Landscape Container

About Our Sizes

Made by the same incredible craftsman as our Redwood boxes with the ancient redwood reclaimed in San Francisco, the container is inspired by the art of Penjing with the urban garden in mind. Penjing is an ancient Chinese art using small trees to create a miniature landscape, a living work of art offering a different view in each season. Designed with the long term care of the tree in mind the container is assembled with a peg system and can easily be disassembled when the tree requires root pruning and the soil needs replaced and reassembled to continue enjoying your trees for many years to come. This large modular container can be either 3’ by 4’ or expanded to 4’x 6’ with a depth of 17” providing enough depth for a large tree and enough space for multi-layered planting design. The container is well suited for a balcony or rooftop garden or any location where gardening space is limited.

This product is eligible for multiple tree discounts. By 3 or 4 of any Size 1 to Size 4 trees and get 10% off. Buy 5 or 6 and get 15% off. Buy 7 or more and get 20% off.

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