Acer shirasawanum 'Kawaii' Japanese Maple

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Kawaii means 'cute'. Everyone will want this delightful little tree that in their garden. Leaves emerge orange-red in spring, as summer progresses the vein turns green creating an orange edged leaf. Fall is bright red and orange. Smaller than any of the other dissectums in all respects, the leaves are just 3" across, with short internodes and 3' tall in 10 years. Perfect for containers, rock gardens or the small garden. An excellent choice for colder climates.

About Our Sizes

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Leaf Shape Laceleaf
Growth Habit Small Shrub
Landscape Height 3 ft.
Container Height 2 ft.
Minimum Zone 5
Maximum Zone 9
Spring Color Red, Green
Summer Color Red, Green
Fall Color Red, Orange

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