Acer palmatum 'Lady Abbess' Japanese Maple

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Originally planted by Reverend Mother Benedict Duss O.S.B., Foundress and first Abbess of Regina Laudis. This lovely tree is named Acerpalmatum 'Lady Abbess' because Mother Benedict was called Lady Abbess within her own Benedictine Community. My mother was contacted by the Abbess for information about Japanese Maples and they quickly established a fruitful exchange. After my mother’s death in 2006, I was contacted by Sister Esther with concern for the maple, a transplant was necessary due to construction. We collected scionwood to ensure the trees posterity for future generations. The story of Mother Benedict and the Abbey is beautiful and inspiring and so too isthe tree with its bright pink first emergence, extremely fine foliage and wide floating form. Very slow and consistent growth creates a beautiful layered structure. Brilliant red and orange fall color.


Leaf Shape Laceleaf
Growth Habit Weeping
Landscape Height 6 ft.
Container Height 4 ft.
Minimum Zone 6
Maximum Zone 9
Spring Color Pink
Summer Color Red
Fall Color Red, Orange

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