Acer palmatum Yuki

A new introduction from Essence of the Tree. Originally chosen as a seedling by my mother for bonsai because of the small leaves and short internodes. Named after a dear friend and inspired pruner of the maples, Yuki Nara. The spring is pale yellow with cherry red tips on the fat little lobes of the amoenum leaf. Summer is a pale green and fall brings rich orange and yellow. Beautiful upright open layered form typical of the Amoenum in a small tree. Excellent for colder climates. Needs protection from the afternoon sun in hotter climates.

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Leaf Shape Amoenum
Growth Habit Upright
Landscape Height 6 ft.
Container Height 4 ft.
Minimum Zone 5
Maximum Zone 9
Spring Color Red, Green
Summer Color Green
Fall Color Red, Orange, Yellow
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