Acer palmatum 'Yuki yama' Japanese Maple

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Meaning "Snow on the Mountain", the tree we have anticipated for years. An extreme dwarf form of Mikawa yatsubusa. Some leaves emerge pure pink and some half green and pink and others speckled with pink over the green leaf. The pink changes to pure white for summer then orange and red in the fall. Internodes are much tighter than the parent, resulting in a mounding form, hence mountain, with pure white on some of the top branches, therefore 'Snow on the Mountain'.

Like its parent tree,, not at all difficult to grow, though no more than an inch per year. Extremely rare. Needs protection from afternoon sun. Absolutely delightful!

About Our Sizes

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Leaf Shape Palmate
Growth Habit Yatsubusa
Landscape Height 3 ft.
Container Height 2 ft.
Minimum Zone 5
Maximum Zone 9
Spring Color Pink
Summer Color Green, Yellow
Fall Color Red, Orange

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