Exciting New Introductions and Rare Finds

From here at Essence of the tree:

A.p. Yuki yama

Meaning "Snow on the Mountain", the tree we have anticipated for years. An extreme dwarf form of Mikawa Yatsubusa. Some leaves emerge pure pink and some half green and pink and others speckled with pink over the green leaf. The pink changes to pure white for summer then orange and red in the fall. Internodes are much tighter than the parent, resulting in a mounding form, hence mountain, with pure white on some of the top branches, therefore 'Snow on the Mountain'. Like its parent tree, Mikawa Yatsubusa, not at all difficult to grow, though no more than an inch per year. Extremely rare. Needs protection from afternoon sun. Absolutely delightful!

Very limited inventory available.

A.p. Sir Happy

The tiniest, cutest, happy little tree you ever will see. I have watched the tree for years and find it amazing such a slow grower can have such durability. With crinkled leaves setting on top of one another creating asturdy dense mass of foliage, growth is much less than an inch per year. Leaves emerge red and orange and slowly change to green. Not difficult to grow however will need protection due to its size. Very limited inventory available.

A.p. Yuki 

A new introduction from Essence of the Tree. Originally chosen as a seedling by my mother for bonsai because of the small leaves and short internodes. Named after a dear friend and inspired pruner of the maples, Yuki Nara. The spring is pale yellow with cherry red tips on the fat little lobes of the amoenum leaf. Summer is a pale green and fall brings rich orange and yellow. Beautiful upright open layered form typical of the Amoenum in a small tree. Excellent for colder climates. Needs protection from the afternoon sun in hotter climates.

A.p. Lady Abbess

Originally planted by Reverend Mother Benedict Duss O.S.B., Foundress and first Abbess of Regina Laudis. This lovely tree is named Acer palmatum 'Lady Abbess' because Mother Benedict was called Lady Abbess within her own Benedictine Community. My mother was contacted by the Abbess for information about Japanese Maples and they quickly established a fruitful exchange. After my mother’s death in 2006 I was contacted by Sister Esther with concern for the maple,a transplant was necessary due to construction. We collected scionwood to insure the trees posterity for future generations. The story of Mother Benedict and the Abbey is beautiful and inspiring and so too is the tree with its bright pink first emergence, extremely fine foliage and wide floating form. Very slow and consistent growth creates a beautiful layered structure. Brilliant red and orange fall color.

A.sieb. Kumoi Nishiki

A heavily variegated tree with a splash of creamy white across each leaf. Emerges a soft pink and pale green quickly changing to cream and green for summer and a brilliant blast of two toned red and orange for the fall. Upright form, easy to grow. A beautiful new variegated tree especially suited to colder climates.

Acer sieboldianum Seki no kegon

Meaning 'Gate of the Pure Heart', A beautiful new addition especially suited to colder climates. Small round leaves with short lobes emerge pale green in spring changing slowly to medium green in summer and a riot of red, orange and yellow through the fall. Lovely sweeping curves on this tree create a unique low wide form. Slow and consistent growth. New and different than any other maple available for the cold northern climates.

A.p. Lilliannes Jewel

A consistent pink and white variegation covers all of the red finely lobed leaves. Pinks range from the hot pink tips to pastel pinks as they slowly turn to white for the summer. Fall is two-tone red and orange following the variegation. Some of the leaves show sickle-shaped distortion typical of heavily variegated trees creating a soft feathery texture. Wide spreading form. Good heat tolerance, though afternoon protection is recommended in hotter climates.

A.p. Jade Gate

The classic amoenum Japanese maple in an overall smaller size. My mother discovered this tree as a seedling and began propagating it with bonsai in mind. The delightfully small star shaped leaves unfold like a fan in spring to a cool green. Altogether smaller with the classic wide, open layered form we think of when we think Japanese Maples. Consistently brilliant range of fall color. Easy to grow. Excellent cold tolerance. Needs protection from afternoon sun in hotter climates.

From Japan

A.p. Usu midori

Most exciting tree I've seen in some time. Amoenum leaves emerge in spring hot pink quickly transitiong to pastel pink then rich creamy yellow and white through the summer. This tree is not variegated, the color saturates the entire leaf. A petite little upright tree, slow growing, perfect for container or bonsai. Protect from hot sun.